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    Bubbles House Clean

    why pay too much to a big franchise company, if you can get professional cleaning service for a very affordable price.

    Basic Cleaning

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    Customer Preference Clean

    Our Customer Preference Clean (CPC) is a customized service which is tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

    Typically, a CPC consists of a thorough basic cleaning followed by two or more hours of cleaning tasks from the deep cleaning list. Two of our professional maids complete a basic cleaning, then work on your prioritized list of deep cleaning tasks until the time is up. 

    Your CPC may also be customized to include two or more hours of any items from both the basic cleaning and deep cleaning lists.  The choice is yours.

    Deep Cleaning

    • Vacuum upholstery – under the cushions included

    • Clean under and behind lighter furnishings

    • Vacuum, or Sweep & Mop under all beds

    • Use vacuum attachments to edge carpeting

    • Clean ceiling fans and baseboards throughout

    • Clean chair-rail moldings

    • Clean all window sills, frames and blinds

    • Static dust walls

    • Clean all interior door facings and door frames

    • Clean & Sanitize door knobs throughout home

    • Clean light switch plates

    • Wipe or dust light fixtures (we do not disassemble)